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Best vs. Worst April 9, 2009

Posted by Lin Lin in Exercise 4: Documenting Activate!.

The best one for me, besides ours of course, would be the MAGICAL GRADEN. Personally I love to see vegetables and fruits growing on trees, so that idea attracted me the most. When a fruit and vegetable poped out from the dirt, it was a surprise. And the surprise kept going on, because you didn’t know what would show up next. Also, the idea of getting my hands dirty made me feel like I was actually at a farm harvesting the fruits and vegetables that I have planted; it was a good experience and feedback.

The worst one would be the STARING CONTESTS. My friend was in that class, and I asked him before about what would be going on, he said “You just stare others.” That’s it? “Yeah, it’s a staring contest, what else are you expecting?” I guess he was right; I couldn’t really expect anything other than looking into others’ eyes without blinking for a while. The whole concept was too simple and was not original; I saw this game on TV shows quite often before, they should have added more ideas based on that game to make it interesting. I don’t think I’ve got much feedback on it, and the winning price wasn’t really an attractive surprise.



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