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Exercise 4 April 9, 2009

Posted by brendayin in Exercise 4: Documenting Activate!.

The best work that I have seen during the activate
The most successful activity that I like during the activate is called “the happy box”. The happy box is a huge box made by black cardboard. I like it because of the following reason.
First, the happy box gives me a very good experience when I examine it. I was lining up for my turn and when I get into the happy box, I found many eyes were looking at me. some of them have facial expression, some are cute and some of them are scary, which makes me curious to know what they are doing. Inside the happy box, we can see the people are looking are you, which is a feel of the panopticon, and you realize people are watching you so you had a interaction with the people
Second, the happy box created a very good atmonsphere. They have the music which made people have a adverture feeling during the examine. when we get into the happy box and the lady who is in front of the door is quite polite. We also have a chance to win the cookies before we leave the happy box.
Third, I really enjoy their feedbacks at the end of the activity, when we leave from the happy box we get the cookies and there are two students are doing some feedbacks. I think is a very important way to do this investigation because it really helps them improve their project.



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