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the best and the worst April 11, 2009

Posted by Franchesca Dongha Kim in Exercise 4: Documenting Activate!.

Best vs Worst Activates:

From the experiences of different types of activates from different classes, I would like to agree that the magic sustainability was the best activate of all. When I passed their activate setting, the first thing that made me attract to it was the unusual materials they were using, which was the soil in a huge box. With interest of suspicious look, I went up to the big box that contains real soil. Then, one of the student of that activate came up to me to plant a seed in the soil. With beating heart, I tried and said a magic word. Suddenly, the real fruit came up from the beneath of the ground and surprised me in a natural way. I did not really expect the real fruit would come up. It was no long a surprise when I found out some one lift up the fruit to the ground below the box, but the idea of popping fruit from the ground gave me a joy of laughter. Nonetheless, the more enjoyment they presented to us was, because they did not take the fruit away from us and maybe reused, but actually gave us, this idea of leaving something to us made the user happier than any other activates. Plus, as we eat the fruit or cook the vegetables they gave back at home, we can remember the enjoyments we experienced at their activate. In contrast, the worst activate I chose was the one that presented the Alice and the wonderland site. Because they set up the character models and other flat designs as wall, it made the user feel not welcomed and user did not know what to do or where to enter and how to start experiencing their activate. Somebody actually had to tell their activate was good to the users and let them know it is a fine place to experience. Due to the wrong set up, there was less connection of attracting users to experience the activate and less visual communication between the entrance and the users.



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