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The magic of cloth hanger February 26, 2009

Posted by Eric Chan in Exercise 2: Feedback Object, Exercises.
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Hello class. I think everyone has tons of cloth hangers at home. We all like to use the one that made out of wood or plastic because they keep in the same shape for a long period of time and doesn’t break as easy. Now my mom has been getting the plastic one to replace the old one that made out of wires, and I took them and try to figure out what I can do with them. Here is three ideas:

1. Make the hanger to a long shape stick, and use it to get the stuff that it felt into the small gaps.

2. Make the hanger to a long diamond shape, get a silk stocking and put it over the hanger to clean the small gaps between the cupboard and walls.

3. Make it for art and interior decoration, because it is a very flexible material, so it can be use for many ways.


It’s more than a test tube February 25, 2009

Posted by Lin Lin in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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I decide to use the test tubes in 3 more decorative ways:


1, Put a few together to form a type of musical instrument.


2, It can be used to carry small things such as matches, to make it something as a piece of design on a shelf, and useful for the smokers at the same time.


3, Lastly, as my final decision, the tubes can also form a wind chimes. It isn’t something original, but the tubes are able to carry different kinds of perfume, ergo it can be hanging up in a room and be used as an air refreshener. It’s different from those regular wind chimes.

Colander February 25, 2009

Posted by Wenhao Jian in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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The object I am choosing is a normal kitchen use colander. The original function of this strainer is to keep washed vegetables or fruits, so that the water could filter through the net. It could also filter hot food like noodles and other cooked food. It is very convinience and esay tool to use. It filters water and impurity through the net into the sink easy and quick.

I come up with some metaphor use for this colander.

1. SPEAKER DEVICE. It could be insert to a speaker and become an attachable device. It’s shape is likely a circle bowl. It could spread sound through its shape.

2. LAMP COVER. It could turn into a lamp cover. It’s shape should be suitable for most lighting devices.

3. RAT TRAP. It could be a mouse catcher to trap mice. The trap could work either automatically or manually. It would need mechanical installation to help advance its function. For manual use, we could simple use a pen with string and stand the pen to support the edge of the colander. When the mouse go into the colander and eat the cheese, we could quickly pull the string and trap the mouse. The manual use is more like a toy for fun. It could also use to catch birds and other small size animals without hurting them.

Fran’s February 21, 2009

Posted by Franchesca Dongha Kim in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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Hi, I sent this excercise by e-mail and now actually posting it. sorry about that.

After around 2 or 3 years of using a nice laptop, such as Mac book laptop that everyone loves, need to be thrown away, for an advanced computer system of new version of laptop is produced each year. Also, most of computers or any machinery products are purposely made to be destroyed functionally after a few years in order to continue and to keep their selling percent as in marketing plan. Unfortunately, there are tones of thrown away bodies of well made laptops each year. Therefore, to solve this social issue and change them as a better usage, I thought of 3 ideas:

1. photo fram


3. jewellery box

Stockings February 12, 2009

Posted by yunyintsai in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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900750561The object that I’ve chosen for now is a stocking. It’s a close-fitting, variously elastic garment covering the foot and lower part of the leg.
The other purposes I came out so fat are:
1.A very fine strainer. If you want only the smoothest and silkiest of results, use this. It has extremely fine mesh and won’t even let grated lemon zest through.
2. To find a tiny thing on the floor or carpet. Cover your vacuum nozzle with a piece of stocking to keep the thing from being drawn in.
3. Stuff the toe of a stocking with some beans and tie a knot. Then you have a self-help massage tool.
4.Cover your boots with stockings could help the boots keep their shape and preventing them from dust.
5. It could also be used as an emergency tourniquet.

Image cited from:www.dkimages.com/…/Plastics/Plastics-30.html

Mangasonic Ipod Speaker/Alarm Clock February 12, 2009

Posted by Adam Brace in Exercise 2: Feedback Object, Exercises.
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My Beloved/Hated Alarm Clock

My Beloved/Hated Alarm Clock

The object I have chosen as my feed back object is my alarm clock/Ipod speaker. This objects feedback and myself have a love hate relationship. When its playing my music while I’m sat doing my homework or using my computer I think its great. However at 6am in the morning when it blasts out to wake me up on a Monday morning I feel like throwing it across the room.
The object has a number of functions. Firstly it can be used to play and charge Ipod’s from the dock on the top. Ipods or other MP3 players can be played through the auxillery output on the rear of the object. Its other playable function is an radio. The speaker as mentioned also doubles up as an alarm clock, it has a blue screen in which the time is displayed with if you have any alarm set and if your listening to something, which function the playback is taking use of. The buttons on top navigate through the objects fuctions such as time set, alarm set, alarm mode (whether you want to be woken up to the radio or a screeching beep, they both suck!), power, screen dim, sleep, audio set and the snooze button. Finally there are two wheels, one is the set button used for setting time and tuning the radio frequency and the volume set.
The  three ideas I had for alternative uses are as follows;
1: HEARTRATE MONITOR | Using the auxillery output I thought the machine could be modified to a heartrate monitor. Instead of reading electronic pulses from the Ipod to distribute as soundwaves, the object would read the natural pulse of your heart and display this on the blue screen usually functioning as the alarm clock.
2: DOORBELL | Again using the auxillery output the speaker could be linked to the doorbell of a house. It could then amplify the sound when someone pressed the button. This would then buzz the speaker. This would ideally be suited for rooms upstairs or in the basement where one might not be able to hear the bell.
3: MUSICIANS METRONOME |  Being a drummer I am used to having to be good with time. A good object to practice  this with is a metronome. This object could be modified to count time and play a click through the speakers. The  speed at which it is counting on  the blue screen. The volume could then be adjusted with the current wheel and the set wheel would be used to set the BPM.

The Push-Up MASTER!! February 12, 2009

Posted by Daniel Orellana in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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pushup-masterOnce upon a time my brother bought these contraptions, which are meant to enhance push-ups. Of course he may have used them 2 or 3 times max and since then have collected dust =)

So what these are can be essentially be described as a handle attached to a wheel. As a fitness tool, this thing is made for durability, and has some pretty serious heft. The bottom has a material with a good grip and the turning of the wheel is tight. You can’t just spin them.

My first re-purposing of the Push-up MASTER!! is pretty straight forward. It can be used as a base for something like a revolving book shelf.

Another idea is to modify it to work like a pulley of sorts. The handle could work something like a curtain, or to dim the lights.

Lastly, the sturdy of the wheel could lend itself well to a steering wheel toy. One could attach a fake steerking wheel and the grip makes sure it doesn’t shift on the floor. Maybe it is too heavy for a kid’s toy, though.

the Clothes Hanger that can hang more than just clothes February 12, 2009

Posted by Yinan in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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The original object:

original clothes hanger

a clothes hanger

Idea 1:

this clothes hanger can do the job not only after shopping

this clothes hanger can do the job not only after shopping

Idea 2:

maybe a carbon fiber one in this case…

either both hands or just one in the middle

either both hands on the side bars or just one hand in the middle

Idea 3:

add a small engine at the bottom of the question mark, and it becomes spinning hanger. it could be for clothes or anything that can be hung on it. maybe you want some spinning decoration from the ceiling in your room, or even a spinning light featuring a clothes hanger shape.

spinning hanger

spinning hanger


Image Credits:



Soap Dispenser February 11, 2009

Posted by emilysoo in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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I have chosen the Soap Dispenser to prototype. The object usually dispenses soap with the push of the top, where the pump will push soap up.  I have thought of three functions for this object:


1.) A musical toy for children, in which the body will be an animal (hippo/frog/duck. etc), and when the child presses on the top it will make animal sounds. The following image, shows how it might look like.


2.) A buzzer – it can be used to make loud buzzing sounds, with the push of the top. An electronic device can be installed inside, to create this sound. This could be used for example, on a secretary’s desk. When the secretary is not there, the person can just sound the buzzer. Also when pressed down, the buzzer will send a vibration, and this will create a better feedback.


3.) Stress Reliever – the top can be made of a cushion material, so when pushed down it will have a relieving effect (the same idea as the stress reliever where you squeeze it).


The soap dispenser, has a good tactile effect because of the pump. The person also recieves effective feedback from sounds, and vibrations that the object gives off, depending on it’s function.

And the garbage can goes BOO! February 11, 2009

Posted by Edwin Cheung in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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Jack in the BoxGarbage Can

So the object I chose is not new technology, it happens to be a garbage can that is older than me! The garbage can has went through quite a bit of abusing, but still is as good as I remember it to be.

When you think about it, there actually is something quite smart hidden inside the garbage can, where you step down on it, something goes up!

There are some pretty neat ideas that can go along with this garbage can.

1. This can probably be made into something smaller and into a toy of some sort where someone steps on the pedal, and something pops up.

2. The lid for this garbage can is actually quite light, and it takes very little effort to lift the lid with the pedal. If this object were reduced in size, and the space for the garbage was removed, it would make quite a good fan because a small movement can allow the lid to give you a nice draft of cool air.

3.  Lastly, it could probably be made into some kind of toy catapult for children.In this case, it must be made small and less powerful. If you step on the pedal hard enough, it actually gives quite a fast action of the lid opening, probably enough to shoot out toys of some sort.

Feedback objects February 11, 2009

Posted by dario in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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The first object I’m working with is a hand mixer, as the name implies, is a hand-held mixing device. It typically consists of a handle mounted over a large enclosure containing the motor, which drives one or two beaters. The beaters are immersed in the food to be. The ideas are:

1. Personal vent

2. Electrical sponge

3. Spinning hair brush

The second is object a salad bowl and the ideas are:

1. Musical instrument (using rubber band)

2. Table lamp

3. Amplifier for mini-speakers

Strainer February 11, 2009

Posted by Ayesha Ijaz in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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The Strainer - The orginal form
The Strainer – The orginal form

The object that I’ve chosen for now is this Strainer. It’s two handles provide easy use for it’s purpose. The various holes in the Strainer also give it texture and create an interesting surafce. The three other purposes that I thought of for this object are:

1.  It could be used as a lamp shade, the small holes would be sufficient for emitting the light from the bulb [different colours of bulbs could be used aswell].
2.  The bottom of the Strainer could be used as a stencil.
3.  It could be used as something to make some noise with, example if you strike it with a spoon. I had in mind the idea of an alarm clock, if it’s turned upside down, and there’s such a mechanism underneath it that can move either a spoon or anyother stick of that sort, to and fro, then it would stirke the sides and make…”noise”.
Like some others, these are just some initial ideas that I thought of, not necessarily the final ones.

Houshold object reinvented February 11, 2009

Posted by Gingy in Exercise 2: Feedback Object, Exercises.
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close up

close up

The electric toothbrush is an amazing design to begin with. There are graphics on the outside ,in this case Shrek, the buttons are easy to use and are made out of a gewy material which is fun to touch, the buttons also make a click noise when pushed and react by moving inwards due to the action of pushing. The action that results in the pushing of the button is the oscillating of the brush head. This oscillating  motion also causes the toothbrush to vibrate which gives a tactile sensation when brushing the teeth. Other uses for this household object could be a cleaning tool ex, pot scrubber. The brush head would have to be enlarged of course so as not to resemble an army punishment , of course the army makes you use manual toothbrushes! A different way to use the vibrating motion of the toothbrush could be as a massager. Another personal care machine that makes the same vibrating noise as the toothbrush is the electric razor, so perhaps making a travel version combining the two would save space. Also can be used as a timer because the vibrating motion causes the toothbrush to move when laid on flat surface. So from the starting point to the time it gets to the ending point, check the cake, or etc. It can also be used as a new addition to your face wash routine instead of your oily fingers, use the face brush to exfoliate you skin!

Handy Juicer February 9, 2009

Posted by Milica Guberinic in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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The Handy Juicer by Black and Decker is an electric juicer for citrus fruit. It spins when pressure is applied to it and makes a lot of noise. When you apply too much pressure it stalls and makes a different kind of noise. Some alternate purposes for this machine are: a massage tool, a spinning tie rack or more generally a display rack, a wheel for a roulette-like game, and a tool to drain water out of bathing suits and towels at a pool or out of “hand wash & air dry only” clothing- I have a lot of this type of clothing and find it very frustrating to drain. It would have to be bigger in size to work for the last case.

The Handy Juicer is an electric juicer for citrus fruit.

The Handy Juicer by Black and Decker is an electric juicer for citrus fruit.

Readings from Universal Principles of Design January 29, 2009

Posted by Greg Van Alstyne in Exercise 2: Feedback Object, Project 2: Evocative Prototype, Readings.
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This required reading is useful to the whole course. Try to apply the concepts and vocabulary to your first crit, for Project 1, and for the next one, Project 2, which deals heavily with feedback.

Excerpts from Lidwell, et al., Universal Principles of Design.

  • Accessibility
  • Aesthetic/ Usability Effect
  • Affordance
  • Constraint
  • Feedback Loop
  • Prototyping
  • Visibility


Exercise 2: Feedback Object January 29, 2009

Posted by Greg Van Alstyne in Exercise 2: Feedback Object, Please note.
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Can you image this pot lid as a door bell? bicycle bell? musical instrument?

Exercise 2 prepares you for project 2 which will deal with feedback, metaphor, prototyping, and usability evaluation.

In Exercise 2 we want you to make, or find, and bring in to class, a device, mechanism, toy, gadget, piece of material, or some such thing, that creates interesting “feedback” when you interact with it.

The task is to choose something interesting, demonstrate its effect in class, and post 3 ideas to the blog proposing how you might “repurpose” the feedback. Each idea will somehow change or adapt the form or meaning or effect of the feedback.

For example you could make a simple bell from a glass pot lid. Striking your “bell” creates a chime-like sound, the feedback. For your three adaptations, one idea might be a door chime that rings when a button is pressed; one might be to mount the bell on your bicycle as a warning bell; the last might be to build a percussion instrument with five different lids.

For the exercise all we want are your ideas. For Project 2, you will actually build the prototype. You can change your final idea at any time.

You have two weeks for this exercise. Short presentations and “3 ideas” posts are due February 12 (Note this is 1 week longer than the course outline says).

We’ll talk about feedback in class. For now you can think about it as perceptible reaction to user input. Look for phenomena that trigger the senses, such as vibration, sound, light, movement, etc. For great results, stimulate multiple senses!