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Consolidated Props and Costumes List March 27, 2009

Posted by Milica Guberinic in Costumes & Props Team, Project 3: Activate!.

All right guys, so this is what we need to collect(C), buy(B) or make(M) for each selection. Please post what you will take care of as a comment to this message.


C 3 neck ties
C 6 drinking glasses


BM crown
CB cushion for the crown
C 1 chair
B fancy decoration to decorate the chair
B cape
CB fake jewellery (perhaps some mardi gras beads)
B brownish makeup for the peasants
CB peasant-type clothing?


B plain white mask
B black & white face paint
C black Nail Polish
B Black wigs
CB Any spiked/leather/Faux leather jackets
C Platform shoes/boots
C Microphone
BM Guitar
BM Drumsticks


M oscar award
C Microphone
C neck or bow tie
C female accessory that can be put on easily (any ideas?)…maybe a    feather boa?  or a large piece of fabric that can be quickly wrapped around the person to look like a dress.


C 3 red scarves (solid red preferred)
C 3 berets (black preferred)
B 3 white gloves
B white face paint
CB waist high piece of cardboard


CB giant piece of foam core
C camera (real or fake)
C microphone (real or fake?)
B 10-15 helium balloons with dollar sign drawn on
B confetti