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Who wants to sit in the wooden jukebox? April 1, 2009

Posted by Yinan in Project 3: Activate!, Service Blueprint Team.
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According to the set team, one person will be sitting inside this!


No it won't look like this! The set team are building it!

and operating a projector that will project the image of the user’s choice onto the front of this box/room which the user will see. And ideally the same guy will be operating the music when needed for backstage.

So anyone wants to take this job?

For the sake of break we can either have at least two people responsible for this or have someone from another position to take the job only when the main guy is out for her/his break, so depending on how many people can and want to do this.

p.s. we need to schedule your positions and breaks so decide and post asap!

-Service Blueprint Team


My selection team just saved one position, so I can be the guy or one of the guys for this job if not enough people want to do it.


Cast List (Update 3) April 1, 2009

Posted by Daniel Orellana in Project 3: Activate!, Service Blueprint Team.

There are still plenty of people who have yet to identify which group they’re in! The more that gets filled in by Thursday’s class, the better.

– Dario
– Forrest*
– Sarah
– Milica
Notes: 30minute break each, needs at least 3 people at a time, [*] means more than 1 role

– Emily
– Ayesha
– Julia
Notes: More people needed, for bowing I assume. I don’t think it matters who goes out there,

Rock Star
– Forrest*
– Sandi (Unconfirmed)
– Adam (Unconfirmed)
Notes: Unconfirmed means I’m going off memory. Possibly needs extras like King for a day…

Note: 30 Minute breaks each

Note: only 2 actors, need to figure out shedule!!


Notes: I don’t think there is a big issue with only have 1 bouncer for some time. We can do the regular 40 minute break here.

Cast List March 30, 2009

Posted by Daniel Orellana in Service Blueprint Team.

Hello, I want to get a list down of who is going to participate in what experience. The more comprehensive by the list is by Thursday the better. So if you are already set on one, please comment below. If you know who else is in the group it would help. If you don’t know which one you’re in, just say so and I’ll find you a spot.

A couple of notes:
-The list isn’t permanent. I may have to change a few people around, because in addition to the 6 experiences I may need two or three other people to be the bouncers.
-I will also be scheduling your break time to go see the other projects.
-Include anything else you might think I need to know

With that, please begin commenting.