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Set Team March 31, 2009

Posted by emilysoo in Set Team.
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Hi Greg and Ruth,

For the feedback of the juxebox, when the person puts the chosen ball in the hole..

we need a projector, to project the image shown.

Could you help us book a projector? Thanks


Set Team

SET team (feedback of Juxebox) Suggestions PLEASE March 29, 2009

Posted by emilysoo in Set Team.
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Hi experience designers,


This is the SET team:


This is what we were thinking of doing, for the feedback portion of the jukebox.

We are going to build a box with 6 slots and boxes (one for each of the performance choices), and there is going to be a 6 balls with different icons on it. The person will choose which ball to put into the slot that matches the icon. So if it was “king for a day”, then there would be an icon of the crown on the ball, and so the person will know to put that ball in the corresponding slot. And we will have 6 different colours so the person can easily tell them apart.

There will be one of us students standing at the back of the box with slots, to see which ball has been chosen. We can tell what they have chosen by the icon on the ball, and also the ball will fall into that box. The feedback the person will receive is a silhouetted action behind the scrim curtain. So if the person picked “king for a day “it would be a person holding a crown to their head. Or if it were a “rock star” then it would be someone holding a guitar”. .. etc.

We also plan on having music corresponding the action chosen. So like rock music, if that icon was chosen. What we were thinking of doing was having speakers, and a lap top behind, and when that icon is chosen we will click a file on the lap top that will play that music.


Is there any suggestions on how to create a better sound feedback???



 Cause I’m afraid that having someone stand by the laptop waiting to press the file for the sound will take to long? The reaction time might not match, and this might not be such a good feedback for the person putting in the ball..????

Feel free to leave suggestions on how to make the feedback experience better. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The SET Team.