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Best experience at OCAD was Free Beats. I particularly enjoyed this one as it was a really fun way of getting people to engage with the experience by added there own beat into the beat being played by the musicians from the group. Even though it was raining it seemed people were still really enjoying it.  I think it worked so well because it was really just a simple idea that incorporated alot of sensoral aspects that people would enjoy.

I thought that the happy box wasnt very good. I didnt really understand what it was all about, making it difficult for me to get any kind of sensoral response to it, other then feeling alittle uncomfortable. There were alot of fun projects I wish I had more time to experience them all


The Good, The Bad, The WTJ? April 9, 2009

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Just to start off, I didn’t get a chance to experience all the projects that the first year class had to offer but for the ones I did see, I can’t say that I have a favourite, but I was inclined towards the Free Beat project located at Butterfield Park. The idea was simple, although not unique in nature, the group still managed to create a positive, creative atmosphere of sound that was pleasant and not an auditorial mess. In terms of usability it was clear, just pick up an instrument and go! The instruments already had built in affordances for easy use and it was up to the user to do what he/she wills with it. Again not original, but pleasant. The project that I disliked was actually the one situated right in front of our WTJ, a sort of Prey and Predator type game governed by small coloured pins with different species. First off, the Lion King song that was on repeat became very annoying to users of the game and others experiencing activate. I’m sure once explained the game is simple, but there were too many rules to read for a simple visceral or reactionary experience. All I knew was that I had a pin, and someone with a higher ranking pin would try to steal mine – fair. But the way people interacted with each other was completely unstructured after that, and users were left simply wandering around intrigued by the other projects. The pin bore no meaning, and that’s all users walked away with – a pin – completely dissatisfied with the experience.

best Happy Box, worst OCAD VAS April 9, 2009

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My favorite one, of course as I can’t choose ours, is also the happy box. The best aspect of it I think is the surprise. Firstly it is totally covered, which is a simple and effective way to hide surprises. And its need of darkness that we know after experiencing it is also achieved by this. Another that raised my curiosity is was that people laughing coming out of dark box. Then thanks to the raised curiosity and probably good feedbacks, the lineup made me guess “this is probably good”. But on the other hand, it also sent away people who didn’t have time to wait. But I guess it’s always more of good thing than a bad thing when you have a lineup, plus my break was really late when many are almost closing so I was really surprise this one still had a lineup, even what the juke didn’t! Then when I was waiting in line, I thought it could have more poster or interesting images on the happy box’s wall, which could prevent waiting people getting bored and not necessarily leak the surprise. The only thing I saw was “Enter Here ->”. After getting inside, the feel was weird but good. I kinda enjoyed the weirdness, dunno why. The atmosphere they created was successfully unusual, by visceral settings and sound (forgot that fancy word for hearing). But finally the surprise was much less than I was expecting. Which made me ask exactly the same question as that I heard when someone else came out of the box “So that’s it?” I think they could’ve done much more interesting things than just a cookie. But overall it was a good experience. My concern is there seems no metaphor, or I wasn’t smart enough to discover it.

I also didn’t see all the projects, tried only a few, many just didn’t seem interesting.

My least favorite is the body painting one, the OCADVAS. I didn’t try it. No surprise at all. There were four or five people standing there being painted. When I got there they were all being painted. So the spots were very limited and once they were full you couldn’t tell how long would you need to wait if you want to. Cuz every user was painting very carefully, maybe scared of making the painted uncomfortable, and there was no one managing the stage, or just I didn’t see. Although it had a metaphor, not really interesting. Behavioral wise, I think they could’ve made it more interesting and unpredictable, e.g. the person’s body being painted slowly moves as the user paints. It just made me feel they didn’t really spend thinking on it and went for a simple solution.

My Experience at Magic Grow and Happy Box April 8, 2009

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These were the only two experiences that I did during my break time at Activate. I am going to write a few pros and cons for each experience. I enjoyed the Happy Box more.

Magic Grow

My first instinct when I saw people huddled around a box of dirt receiving fruits and veg was that they were digging for the items. As it turns out he veg pops out after a seed is inserted into the soil. There were seed holders, people who handed out the seeds and told the user what to do. Because you were told what to do the experience was not as rewarding as discovering it for yourself. One of the seed holders almost did everything for me. This was very irritating. There are too many vocal constraints or rules in this experience and too few affordances. The seed holder told me how deep the hole should be. Why couldn’t I just figure that out on my own? The wait time to get the veg was not too long or too short. This was good feedback. There is an element of surprise because the veg doesn’t appear right away. I was talking to another girl about her experience and she told me that her veg popped out of a place far from her seed. This is a behavioral problem of the design that I did not experience myself but I felt it was noteworthy. The visceral component of the design was good because the feel of the dirt was cool and out of the ordinary (we do not touch dirt daily unless we garden). And the reflective aspect was good as well because you got to take something away with you and tell your friends where it came from. My main critique for this experience is that it would have been more interesting if the user had to do more work through discovery and play. This would make the reward more enjoyable. Also, I feel like there is some message, but I am just not getting it. Perhaps it is about food growth and bio engineering since you get many different fruits and veggies from a sunflower seed.

Happy Box

Surprising, exciting and emotional are three words I would use to describe this experience. These adjectives and a cupcake were a great reward and made the wait in line well worth it. The actors were good because they were not phased by me and Dario staring back at them and talking to them. The countdown was exciting but anticlimactic, as I do not remember what it was counting down to- the cupcake, or the end of the experience? The entire experience was a bit too long. This was a problem because the line was very long. They tried to remedy this by letting people in two at a time. This decreased the quality of the experience because it made the space even smaller and it gave the user more power, changing their reaction to the staring eyes. As a result, the metaphor of the global panopticon got a bit lost. But it was thought provoking, which I liked. There were several affordances and only a few constraints. We could not leave the box, but could do anything we wanted to inside it. The space was too small. This could’ve been improved by making the box bigger and white on the inside. The groups attempt to document their project was good. Although some of their questions did not allow for my answer, it was interesting that they were doing a study (ethnographic perhaps) on the user.

Flickr account…Add more pictures! April 8, 2009

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Hey peooooople! I’e made an account on flickr, and have uploaded some of my best pictures [there were a lot other as well, but I put up the best ones out of all].  They take some time to upload, especially if the size is big. I will also caption them, right now they are uploaded with their original code/number. I’m providing the username and the password to the account on http://www.flickr.com/ .

Account email: ayeshah_i90@yahoo.com

Password: whatthejuke

I would greatly appreciate it if you could upload the picutres that any of you would have taken during the event, or even before it. I know that there were a lot of ‘before’ picture, while making of the jukebox itself, and it would be good if those could be added as well. Enjoy the pictures, and will see them in class as well! =]

Avtivate, the best and the worst! April 8, 2009

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             First off, let me say it again….ACTIVATE was great! It was a lot of fun, and our project was definitely amongst the most popular ones, and

The Happy Box, with scary eyes!

The Happy Box, with scary eyes!

judging by the reactions and feedback from the people, it was one of the most enjoyed as well. That being said, from what I saw around the whole events and checking out others projects, my favourite one would have to be “The Happy box”. Sandy has already provided a lot of details on that, but I’ll do my part with it as well! 🙂 This project was located in the center of the lobby of 100 McCaul. Essentially, it was a big black box that could easily fit 2 people. The outside of it was all black, covered with black plastic/foamcore. The front of that box had a white poster as an invitation into the box, along with the title of “The Happy Box”. Prior to going into it myself, I was recommended to experience it by some others as well, and I guess the concept of the black box with a rather contrary title of Happy Box evoked curiosity and an interesting visceral reaction. Once inside, there was total darkness, with very dim light coming from small rectangular slots on 2 sides. After a little while of thinking if I have to look for something in there, many pairs of eyes stared to stare [as you see in the picture] which was creepy, but it created a good visceral reaction and feedback as well, since either people would scream, or as I did, laugh! By the way, this is totally new to me, what sandy just said, there was a countdown and voices told you to ‘turn around’? I mean, I didn’t hear any of that actually…I pretty much had to just look for what would happen next! I guess they had some functional problems…! and because of that I think they lacked behavioural reactions [since it involved a lot of guessing on your own, and was not intuitive at all]. Then they had a cupcake in a small holder that came out, and it took me a little while to notice that in the darkens [since I heard no instruction!]. Finally, with the cupcake in hand I got out of the back side of it, where there was one person managing a curtain to let you out. They had a survey that they were conducting right after you’d had the experience, which was another way for them to get feedback from the ‘users’. All in all, the reason I do give them credit for being the best out of all [not considering us! ;)] was because it was intriguing, engaging, and had a strong visceral aspect.


  The one I would rate the worst would be one of the two outside in the Butterfield Park, the one in front of the back exit of the Lambart lounge. I’m not sure if this was their title, but from what I gathered from the posters it was “Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollack, YOU?” This project had a huge area right underneath the OCAD ‘chess board’, and they had a big cloth[?] on the floor. They had a wooden stand, with which was attached a white bucket and beside it they had a table with paint cans. They had taps attached to the white bucket. They poured diluted paint in the buckets and let the taps open, and then spun the bucket, and the paint drizzled onto the white cloth creating…something. It severely lacked an element of surprise, and did not evoke any sort of visceral, reflective or behavioural emotions/reaction. The only feedback was that you could see the paint drizzle onto the cloth, but that was quite expected as well. I understand that they had some disadvantages and probably usability problems because of the rainy weather, but the lack of element of surprise was…surprising! [not in a good way :P]. All in all, it was still a lot of fun, and a lot if group effort went into it, so two thumbs up guys! =]

Exercise 5 (final): Psychogeographics April 8, 2009

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Guy Debord is the best known theorist from an (infamous) movement called the “Situationists.” In 1955 he defined Psychogeography as the “the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals” (Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography, 1955).

Debord also wrote “an urban neigborhood is determined not only by  geographical and economic factors, but also by the image that its inhabitants and those of other neighborhoods have of it.”

For your last exercise, practice “psychogeographic mapping” by taking mental notes during our field trip to Kensington Market. Design and post a simple map in the blog in time for our last class together, Thursday April 16.

I’d like you to

  • Pay attention to what your senses tell you
  • Record experiential effects in the route through Chinatown and/or Kensington Market
  • Think of a simple way to express your senses and feelings about the environment, the walk, the ‘feel’ of the places we go through and to today.
  • Contrast this gritty, real, textural urban experience with the digital work we will find in the gallery.
  • Consider the difference between effects that are “designed” — intentional reflections of the vision of the designer or team — and those that are “emergent” — the result of repetitive actions by numerous diverse actors, include wear, layers of residue from postering or graffiti, built up textures and shapes like those that arise as a city block evolves over time.
  • Your map should include and react to these ideas.

Thanks for everything.


My Activate Experience April 8, 2009

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OK first of all I would just like to say AMAZING JOB EVERYONE!!!!  Thanks to everybody for pulling their weight and gettin the job done I think it went swimmingly so thanks for the help:)

In the few Activate experiences I went to it was clear that not everyone learned as much in their experience design classes as we did in ours. Affordances, usability, feedback…they almost seemed like foreign concepts to the other groups. The one group that I think did the best job was the “Happy Box”(or at least that’s the name I can remember) which was located in the front entrance way of the main OCAD building. I would say they did the best job because they really evoked a strong visceral reaction in the users. At the end of the experience they did a survey to get the user to comment and reflect on their visceral reaction which I thought was interesting because it gave the user a feeling like they had been the unknowing subject of an experiment. The survey they conducted after the experience was an example of a reflective aspect to the experience.  Another reflective aspect was the fact they gave out cupcakes at the end of the experience which left the user happy after being somewhat traumatized . However as far as the function and behavioral aspect of the experience goes, it was severely lacking. The  line up was understood thanks to the bouncer out front, once  you and a friend  entered the box there was a moment of pure black then  all  these  slits opened and eyes were staring at you. My first reaction was to  get out ! But with respect I stayed in for a couple more seconds finally I saw a crack of light coming from the curtain at the back and I escaped, the bouncer at the back of the box shouldn’t have let me leave and  so he sent me back inside where  it lasted another  couple seconds then the eyes spoke “turn around” and we saw the cupcakes  then finally  I could get out of there. Whilst inside the box there was nothing to let the user  know how long it would last, no affordances,  which  made it very uncomfortable and dangerous for people who were claustrophobic. Apparently there was a count down going off while inside the box, but the only reason I found that out was because they asked about it in the survey, I didn’t hear it while within the experience.  They meant to build a physical constraint with the use of the back bouncer holding the curtain closed, but because the bouncer failed, the experience was lacking. Although they had some flukes, over all the experience was the best because it was the most engaging and invoked  many visceral feelings as well as positive reflective emotions.

Now to move on from the best to the worst. I thought Crikey! was the worst because it had no affordances what so ever was hard to use, and caused a negative visceral, behavioral, and reflective reaction. Crikey was located in room 190 across from our experience so I approached it on my way back from break. I saw these alligators sitting very low to the ground, which was intriguing but I had no idea what to do with them, there were no signs and no affordances to instruct the user. So I asked the general crowd “anyone know what were supposed to do with these things?” And someone, who didn’t look like he belonged to the experience because he wasn’t costumed, told me to stick my hand into one of their mouths. So I attempted to lower my self down to the ground, the usability of these alligators was very  awful because they were so low. Finally I’m at the right level and I put my hand in one’s mouth and got bitten by the alligator. After the effort it took to get down there that was completely unrewarding. So the same guy said to try another one, so I did, hoping for better results. This time I got sprayed with water! Finally I said the heck with this and I stood up and walked away after only trying two alligators out of the four.  I name this experience the worst because it had unpleasant visceral reactions, horrible usability, which caused me to be very negative when reflecting upon it.

Over all I think ours was the best 😉 but I know we weren’t allowed to analyze our own

~Sandi Wheeler

photos from the event April 4, 2009

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GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!! April 3, 2009

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That’s all! 🙂

I have the juke balls!!! April 3, 2009

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So don’t freak out guys, I took them and the silver fabric because we thought they might get stolen. I will bring them at 1130.

Final Cast List & Break Schedule April 2, 2009

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Giant Cheque

Cheque model





Ayesha –
Publicity Team

Confetti – broom,
sweeper! – Microphone – Group Break


Love – Speed dating

Dater # 1


Dater # 2


Dater # 3


Nametag – Martini





Gene Simmons!!!






Mime # 1


Mime # 2


Group Break


King for a Day                                                                                               

Peasant # 1


Peasant # 2


Peasant # 3


Peasant # 4



I’d Like to Thank                                                                                   



Dresser # 1


Dresser # 2



Group break = Mime & Cheque


Bouncer/Cast Duty:  Daniel,
Nhi, Priya

(List of what
we’re supposed to do)

Love: Ring a bell
for speed dating, every minute

Projection:  Yinan,




2:00 – 2:40

– 3:20

– 4:00

– End









































I switched Lin and Ayesha seeing as Ayesha is handling the publicity and will be recording the event, so now Lin is part of King for a day.

If there are any conflicts please let me know!

For actors in Love selection: Speed dating questions April 2, 2009

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You’ll have 1minute with each person, provided that there are 3 users.

What do you do for work/school?

Where are you from?

When was your last relationship and how long did it last?

What are you looking for in a relationship?

Do you want to marry or have you ever been married?

Do you want to have any children? (these just get funnier and funnier)

What do you do for fun?

What is you favorite sport?

What are you most proud of?

Is religion important to you?

Do you follow politics?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

What is your favorite book, movie, season?

Do you like animals or pets?

In your wildest dreams, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

If you were an animal in the wild, what would you be?

If you have six months to live what would be first on your list to do?

If you won the lottery how would you spend your millions?

If you have friends coming over, what would you cook?

Describe a perfect holiday?

What TV show would you never miss?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Into which personality’s shoes would you like to step in for a day?

Music April 1, 2009

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I don’t have the music files for the King, Mime and Money selections. Unfortunatley, as I am at work tomorrow morning your files will not be in the dress rehersal.

Update April 1, 2009

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This is what we have so far, we will probably get it done by tomorrow before class.

And just want to say thank you to Dario and Yinan for coming to help the set team today

The frame is done! April 1, 2009

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Hi, this is the set team, we have just finish building the frame of the JukeBox, here is some picture of it.

We are now working on the interior.

Who wants to sit in the wooden jukebox? April 1, 2009

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According to the set team, one person will be sitting inside this!


No it won't look like this! The set team are building it!

and operating a projector that will project the image of the user’s choice onto the front of this box/room which the user will see. And ideally the same guy will be operating the music when needed for backstage.

So anyone wants to take this job?

For the sake of break we can either have at least two people responsible for this or have someone from another position to take the job only when the main guy is out for her/his break, so depending on how many people can and want to do this.

p.s. we need to schedule your positions and breaks so decide and post asap!

-Service Blueprint Team


My selection team just saved one position, so I can be the guy or one of the guys for this job if not enough people want to do it.

Publicity Team – Facebook Event page April 1, 2009

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Hey guys, 

here’s the event page i made on facebook. If everyone could just take some time to
go through and invite all their friends or whoever that would be great.  


Posters are going up tonight!

Suggestions for putting icons on to the balls? April 1, 2009

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hey class , which method do you think is more effective for putting the icons onto the balls?

1. Pasting a printed version of the icons on to balls?

2. Painting the icons onto balls, photo transfering onto ball first ..

OCAD event notice for ACTIVATE!! April 1, 2009

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Here’s the official event notice sent to OCAD’s communications dept. by VP Academic, Sarah McKinnon:

First Year Design presents Activate!! Experiments in Experience Design
Where: Auditorium (190), Main Lobby, the Lambert Lounge (Rm. 187), the Peter Caldwell/Stephen Mader Passage Way, and Butterfield Park

When: 2:30pm to 4:30pm, Friday April 3rd, 2009

First-year design students present work in experience design
First-Year Faculty of Design students invite you to participate in their experimental installations from their course “Introduction to Experience Design.” This colourful and creative event takes place in the  Auditorium, Main Lobby, Elizabeth and Goulding Lambert Lounge, the Peter Caldwell/Stephen Mader Passage Way and Butterfield Park

Come by to applaud our students and support the Introduction to Experience Design Faculty whose inspiration and creative leadership contributed to such an exciting event.


Last class before ACTIVATE! April 1, 2009

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I see great progress on the blog and look forward to tomorrow’s class.

Not to single anyone out — but where are the posters? Publicity and Documentation were to have a draft poster on the blog days ago, email me to look at it, print them, post them in all key OCAD places. Half a day before the event is way too late for publicity!! It should should have been done days ago. Let me know.

Ruth and I met and planned the following for tomorrow.

PLease come prepared:

tomorrow is a “full dress rehearsal”

all teams should bring all their results: bring the set; costumes; props; everything
good results will be praised and gaps will be noted

we’ll follow this rough agenda:

  • set up the room with max. space at front and single tables to meet at near the windows
  • we’ll use the room’s sound system, so the jukebox must go near the projection “box” each team will present:
    -costumes & props
  • all discrepancies and probs will be noted and solved by rehearsing through the best solutions
  • we’ll make a timeline for when people are “on” and when “off” to go see otehr projects (the project is on view 2-4:30 pm

On Friday, I’d like everyone to gather and set up starting at 11am and be ready to roll at 2pm (3 hrs)

Only if things go smoothly in rehearsal can we shave some time off this. It could be the opposite and we may need even more time for setup and bug fixing.

You should have release from other classes. If you have an OCAD or work commitment you can’t get out of, please LET ME and RUTH KNOW before Friday.


-tomorrow’s class and Friday both count for evaluation

-on Friday I will give everyone a Peer and Self- evauation sheet like before. You’ll assess yourself and your 2 teams, one ‘functional’ and one ‘performance’ team (you need to know who they are) your final grade for ACTIVATE! will be made by me, with input from Ruth and from your own evalautions.

I’m very excited about the project and I think we can make this a great event!

See you soon!


Cast List (Update 3) April 1, 2009

Posted by Daniel Orellana in Project 3: Activate!, Service Blueprint Team.

There are still plenty of people who have yet to identify which group they’re in! The more that gets filled in by Thursday’s class, the better.

– Dario
– Forrest*
– Sarah
– Milica
Notes: 30minute break each, needs at least 3 people at a time, [*] means more than 1 role

– Emily
– Ayesha
– Julia
Notes: More people needed, for bowing I assume. I don’t think it matters who goes out there,

Rock Star
– Forrest*
– Sandi (Unconfirmed)
– Adam (Unconfirmed)
Notes: Unconfirmed means I’m going off memory. Possibly needs extras like King for a day…

Note: 30 Minute breaks each

Note: only 2 actors, need to figure out shedule!!


Notes: I don’t think there is a big issue with only have 1 bouncer for some time. We can do the regular 40 minute break here.

Set Team March 31, 2009

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Hi Greg and Ruth,

For the feedback of the juxebox, when the person puts the chosen ball in the hole..

we need a projector, to project the image shown.

Could you help us book a projector? Thanks


Set Team

Some more ideas for icons March 31, 2009

Posted by dario in Project 3: Activate!, Publicity Team.


Building The JukeBox March 31, 2009

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Hi, this is the Set team.  We will be building the jukebox on wednsday and hopefully could get it done by that day, however, we would want some volunteers to come help us because the set team only has two guys, and its heavy wood work.  Sorry for the late notice.  Here is some of the picture that I have during the working process.

As u guys can see, the Juke Box size is pretty big, Yinan and Wenhau will be helping at the wood shop tomorrow, if u guys want to come, just go to the wood shop at OCAD. thx

MUSIC FILES March 30, 2009

Posted by Milica Guberinic in Project 3: Activate!.

Please send your music files to milicaguberinic@gmail.com before Thursday.

SET Team March 30, 2009

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hi designers,

Our group visited fabricland today and bought lots of fabric that would help to cover up and decorate the jukebox. The fabric is actually very pricey, and so we did not buy black fabric, because we were wondering if anyone would have some?

If anyone has any fabric, cloth, blankets?? we can Borrow?, doesnt have to be black,

 its has to be bigg enough to cover the sides of the  jukebox …

Message ASAP if anyone has any, so we don’t have to go out and buy it!

We have already spent $50+, and were hoping to cut down because we have to still pay for the large pieces of wood and nails for Box frame of jukebox , foam core boards ,to build the jukebox, and foam balls for placing into the hole.

Hope someone can help, thanks


Jukebox ideas and sketches March 30, 2009

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Hey classsmates, this is the SET team. Here are some sketches that Eric and Wenhao did for building the JUKEBOX. Click on the images to see the enlarge. Please look at the previous post by our team as well. Thankyou


Cast List March 30, 2009

Posted by Daniel Orellana in Service Blueprint Team.

Hello, I want to get a list down of who is going to participate in what experience. The more comprehensive by the list is by Thursday the better. So if you are already set on one, please comment below. If you know who else is in the group it would help. If you don’t know which one you’re in, just say so and I’ll find you a spot.

A couple of notes:
-The list isn’t permanent. I may have to change a few people around, because in addition to the 6 experiences I may need two or three other people to be the bouncers.
-I will also be scheduling your break time to go see the other projects.
-Include anything else you might think I need to know

With that, please begin commenting.

Music Files March 29, 2009

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Hello all,

Please send your music files to milicaguberinic@gmail.com. Thanks.