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POSTER idea March 25, 2009

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Ok so  according to Greg’s email the title is Juke world but… I think the juke box  idea dosent really workas well anymore since were  not sticking to the live song performer. I saw it more  of an alternate universe timewarp  type experience so  I thought Warp World  would   be a more appropriate title.  So here is my poster  idea with the new title, the text on it is limited because i wasnt sue what we had to put on it also  the limited text ads to the  mystery  and suspense.warpworld


JUKEBOX!!!!!! March 17, 2009

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Now,  I will begin by saying that I do like the president idea i just think it would be a  bear to  control  the “aha” moment, also the jukebox is going to be super fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So  here are some of my idea or suggestions for improvement

~perhaps we could have an announcer , for example if someone picks Elvis the announcer could say  “Nice choice my rock n roll fan , may i present to  you  The king” and out steps elvis and doe his  thing

~WE SHOULD TOTALLY HAVE JAMES BROWN AND I VOLUNTEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mainly because I think he rocks,  also  hes a recognizeable icon

~ also  perhaps we should section  off  our area to  look  like a  50 s  diner to keep  with that theme? that way it will give a place for people tp sit and watch the performances, and perhaps there could be stations at each table to  order songs from,  or we could have food ?

~ as far as costumes go, that will be the funnest part!! some will be easy some will be difficult of course, but theres a lot  of stuff at thrift stores which i have a feeling will be our best friend after this ,  oh and as for the re using of items, haloween costume anyone ?!!!!! lol

Anyways I vote Jukebox because I think it will be a blast,  and we can create and environment surrounding  our aha moments,  plus thos moments will be very memorable,  after all it isnt everyday Elvis pops out and sings you a duet !!