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Weekend Scape January 17, 2009

Posted by dario in Exercise 1: Avatar.
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Sunglasses for galaxy traveling

Sunglasses for galaxy traveling

I like to imagine the possibility that one day humans will be able to travel in space the same way we travel from one city to another nowadays. If it ever happens, I hope the social context follows the development of such technological advancements and people from all parts of the world can cope with each other in harmony. My Avatar expresses this dreaminess about the possibilities of discovering different places, countries, and cultures, which would lead me to more knowledge and development of myself through different environments, respecting the differences and learning from every experience. All the photographs used in this creation were taken by me and it is constituted of a self-portrait in which I’m using sunglasses “lenses of future” (all aspects of our lives can be improved with a little sense of humor), a picture of a full moon taken in US while living there, (this side of the moon is not visible from where I came from -South America), and the background is a picture of an adventure video game image.