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Baked Goodies January 16, 2009

Posted by Nhi Tran in Exercise 1: Avatar, Exercises.
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     I’m not exactly sure if I did this correctly, more I can’t manage to find the option to insert images without having it in a gallery so here this is!  In regards to a story…

Every now and then there comes a time in a girl’s life when she goes a little insane, slightly irritable and irrational.  It’s when we get bored of course, satiating it with new clothes, makeup, etc… for me, it was my hair.  Last semester I convinced myself to cut my hair short after a lifetime of long glorious hair – now I know not to try that avenue again – but this time I wanted to spice up the colour and so I went for blue.  Unfortunately the blue dye wasn’t very cooperative and had to apply a second coat. Wouldn’t be a problem had I not used up the entire contents of dye bottle so I spent four hours the next morning searching for the specific hair dye all over the Greater Toronto Area sporting greenish hair, not green which would be acceptable, just greenish.  Well it’s fixed now so that brings me to the end of my hair experiments, for at least a month or so.