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Best experience at OCAD was Free Beats. I particularly enjoyed this one as it was a really fun way of getting people to engage with the experience by added there own beat into the beat being played by the musicians from the group. Even though it was raining it seemed people were still really enjoying it.  I think it worked so well because it was really just a simple idea that incorporated alot of sensoral aspects that people would enjoy.

I thought that the happy box wasnt very good. I didnt really understand what it was all about, making it difficult for me to get any kind of sensoral response to it, other then feeling alittle uncomfortable. There were alot of fun projects I wish I had more time to experience them all


Bad Teeth And Funny Accents…. January 20, 2009

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New Experiences Of A New Immigrant

Are pretty stereotypical to Canadaian’s and North America, of the people of my country.  Though, apart from the funny accent I dont think the the first part is quite true in my case (I hope).

For those of you that don’t already know and havent guessed I’m from England.  I moved to the mighty Toronto from a city called Coventry, which to people that don’t listen to ska (ask Sandi) or are in the automobile industry means nothing really! 

Canada is great! You are all lovely people (generally speaking, I think people on the early morning subway are nasty anywhere).  So in the picture is a few places ive visited since ive been here, kudos to whoever can pick out Niagra Falls, the moutain in the background represents Blue Mountain where I go snowboarding, though its not quite that spectacular.  The blue represents the cold at my first winter. Though its not as bad as I expected it!

Anyway, wrapping things up its lovely to meet you all and im looking forward to the class this samester

All my pictures were taken from stock photo website www.sxc.hu (great resource to check out!)

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