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Priya’s doers and booers April 9, 2009

Posted by Priya Bedi in Exercise 4: Documenting Activate!.
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Let me start of by informing you that I didn’t take a break, and it was entirely my option to do so. SO I didn’t get much of a change to go around and experience the other activities that were there.

The one i liked when i heard about it was the Happy box. This is because it had all the experience that I was looking for. It had a sense of surprise and wonder when the eyes can be seen and also an extension which was the cupcake to relieve you of the fear that they had caused.

The one that I disliked the most was Crickey! I thought it was boring and lame right after I put my hand in the alligator mouth. This is because they had an extension but no way to build any excitement leading up to the point.

Well that’s all I got.

Later days!