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IDEO Design Lecture by Jane Fulton Suri February 5, 2009

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Jane Suri’s design lecture was an extermely interesting talk on design in which I learned alot in! Designers like Suri at IDEO were not only responsible for making existing things better, but also creating something new. Her team at IDEO were responsible for envisioning something new and radical, and by emphatizing the learning experience it helped them think of new ways of conceiving. In her lecture she talked about the many design challenges there were, and some strategies to help make the designs successful. Some wise words from Suri, was that when designing something whether it is something new or better, we should be our own customer and look at things as if we are a fly on a wall. We should look at things in the point of view of the customers to get a sense of what they would like to experience. One good example of a good design in which it enhanced the vistor experience was installing erasable drawing boards in the patient’s recovery rooms, in the hospitals. This enhanced the experience for the patient because of how they were able to personalize their own boards, and family and friends were able to leave their get well messages. The lecture was a very motivating, and I will alway keep in mind her words.


Jane Fulton Suri Lecture February 1, 2009

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This lecture was about how designers at IDEO think and work. To sum it up in one sentence, they use ethnographic observation to define the design brief and empathy as a way of finding a solution. There were two great examples Jane gave about acquiring empathy through experience. In designing a storage solution for kids a designer sat underneath a table to empathize with a child’s view of space. While designing the Coasting Bicycle for Shimano the retailer of a bike shop had his employees purchase makeup to empathize with the humiliation of trying to buy a bike with no knowledge of bikes. This empathy or human-ness in design is the most appealing aspect of design for me.