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Who wants to sit in the wooden jukebox? April 1, 2009

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According to the set team, one person will be sitting inside this!


No it won't look like this! The set team are building it!

and operating a projector that will project the image of the user’s choice onto the front of this box/room which the user will see. And ideally the same guy will be operating the music when needed for backstage.

So anyone wants to take this job?

For the sake of break we can either have at least two people responsible for this or have someone from another position to take the job only when the main guy is out for her/his break, so depending on how many people can and want to do this.

p.s. we need to schedule your positions and breaks so decide and post asap!

-Service Blueprint Team


My selection team just saved one position, so I can be the guy or one of the guys for this job if not enough people want to do it.


Jukebox March 18, 2009

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 I think some of the ideas that are circulating around at the moment are really cool. The 50’s aesthetic would look super rad for a start, though I feel that there should be balance between retro and contemporary.

My idea would be to bring a variety of different styles from times throughout history as a timeline of musical movements. What should be presented in my opinion is flamboyance. I think we should choose musical influences from different styles that have really outlandish costumes, glam rock for example with KISS style costumes, elvis costumes would work, with even more contemporary things like a gangsta rap type fashions etc. Really stereotypical things we can pick up on that would be comical would be a really fun way to approach this. I feel like the emotional aspect doesnt really do as much for me. Something that would be funny and more interactive with the veiwer would work better, the emotional aspect to me would feel more like a performance then an expierence. To make something by invovling the veiwer in some way, with choreography for example would be a better experience.

 Finally, for the sake of question I am totally up for dressing up and making a fool of myself! Ill whack on some make up, a wig  and some tacky costume for sure! I’m no stranger to the drama thing and I went to my friends 18th birthday party dressed in drag that was made up of my moms old clothes but thats a little too much information!

if only I had a mustache January 22, 2009

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mother avatar

mother avatar

I do not really have a mustache. In my spare time I enjoy taking pictures of landscapes – my friends – and my kitten, Lillian Brooks-Hancock, ideally when she herself is in such landscapes – with my friends. One day I would like to travel the world, as the farthest I’ve been is to Montreal (Canada). The most important thing to me at the moment is performing the art of improvisation. I’m on a team called Ten Minute Pimp and we perform EVERY MONDAY AT EIGHT, at a quaint little hole in the wall inappropriately named the Savannah Room!!! Oh boy. I don’t mind a little scrabble every once and awhile. I have experienced the tender touch of a horse’s determined jaw and I used to wear an eye patch. That’s all you need to know.

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