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Princess of the Sky January 21, 2009

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"...crown on her head and her head in the clouds"

"...crown on her head and her head in the clouds"

       My mother told me a story of when I was around 6 years old and would play dress-up by myself. I would put on a gown and tiara, walk around the house and my mother and nanny at the time would call me “princess” and curtsy for me when I would walk by. According to my mother, I would scream “I don’t wanna be a princess!” and I explained to her that she was the Queen and my dad was the King but that I did not want to fulfill my duty of Princess, (apparently I was a creative child). 

      In remembering this story, I recreated it in the form of a play for my grade 9 show when I was in drama at the Etobicoke School of the Arts. During the show, there was a point where I was sitting on stage listening to my fellow actress make her speech and I ended up zoning out and setting into daydream mode. Thankfully, my fellow actress was excellent at improvisation and made a comment that snapped me right back into the show; “And here sits the Princess, crown on her head and her head in the clouds.” 

       My classmates would never let me live that moment down and since then few address me by “the Princess of the Sky”.


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Exercise 1: Avatar January 8, 2009

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Avatar image by jessica mullen

Avatar image by jessica mullen

In your first (graded) exercise you’ll create an avatar representing an exaggerated or hyper version of yourself, as you see yourself or would like to be. Leave your inhibitions at the door — be imaginative and have fun.


  1. Get a good clear photo of yourself (or several). Save it as a JPG file to portable media like a USB key.
  2. Find material that would make good additions, props, and background for your avatar. For example if you aspire to a future with NASA find good images like the space shuttle, space station, Earth, maybe a helmet. Facial hair or scars from test flights gone wrong might also be nice
  3. Bring these materials on disk for use in our Photoshop tutorial next class.
  4. Sketch some ideas ahead of time on paper or digitally so you have momentum from the top of the class.

Like all the exercises, this will be graded out of 4%, as one of five exercises totalling 20% of your final mark.