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Best and Worst of Activate! April 9, 2009

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After seeing all of the first year projects for Activate, I think that our class had the best project, but since we can’t pick ours, I think that the Makeover Project inside the Room next to the Butterfield park was the best. It was a great experience as it made the participant scared as you were getting your hair cut. They had real sounds that created great feedback, when they had scissors cutting your hair, and also the buzzing of the razor. Their experience also had great visceral components to the experience, because you could see hair falling onto you as you had your hair cut, and also the hair colour was the the exact same as your own. Not only that but before they started cutting your hair they took a picture of you before you had your makeover. Also they spun you around so you couldn’t see what was being done to you in the mirror. This created an element of curiosity for the participant as they didn’t know what they would look like in the end. The experience was somewhat tactile, because of how you could feel the hair falling down, and also the way the hair dressers were pulling on your hair, pushing against it. In the end of this experience, they provided you with your end result picture, in which someone photoshoped a wig on your head, and it was funny to view in the end. Not only that but they even sent the image to our emails, once the activate event was over. This was a good idea to take the participants email, so they would be able to receive something even after the experience was finished. Overall, this experience was really fun, and it was one that i remembered most!


The worst experience I think of Activate was the Alice and Wonderland project. As I walked into the entrance of the installation, I thought that I would receive something amazing, as it was alice in wonderland. However when I entered, all I received was a group of people saying “Happy Birthday” , sitting down on at a tea party table, with decorations. They also asked us to play a ball game with a stick, and that wasn’t really fun, as there was no real feedback to that game. They asked us to take some cookies, and asked us to play that ball game, that was about it. There wasn’t really anything to experience, and I think they could of done alot better, with this particular theme. Overall this was a bad experience, and I didn’t receive any good feedback from that installation. 

Our project however created great feedback, and the affordances were really strong because of the video and sound created when the ball was put into the whole. The participant was able to place themselves in 6 different experiences which were extremely fun. I think it worked our amazing!


Jukeworld Poster March 26, 2009

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JUKEBOX!!!!!! March 17, 2009

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Now,  I will begin by saying that I do like the president idea i just think it would be a  bear to  control  the “aha” moment, also the jukebox is going to be super fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So  here are some of my idea or suggestions for improvement

~perhaps we could have an announcer , for example if someone picks Elvis the announcer could say  “Nice choice my rock n roll fan , may i present to  you  The king” and out steps elvis and doe his  thing

~WE SHOULD TOTALLY HAVE JAMES BROWN AND I VOLUNTEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mainly because I think he rocks,  also  hes a recognizeable icon

~ also  perhaps we should section  off  our area to  look  like a  50 s  diner to keep  with that theme? that way it will give a place for people tp sit and watch the performances, and perhaps there could be stations at each table to  order songs from,  or we could have food ?

~ as far as costumes go, that will be the funnest part!! some will be easy some will be difficult of course, but theres a lot  of stuff at thrift stores which i have a feeling will be our best friend after this ,  oh and as for the re using of items, haloween costume anyone ?!!!!! lol

Anyways I vote Jukebox because I think it will be a blast,  and we can create and environment surrounding  our aha moments,  plus thos moments will be very memorable,  after all it isnt everyday Elvis pops out and sings you a duet !!