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ActiGREAT! April 9, 2009

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Da Bomb!

Feedback: Happy Box

I was attracted to this experience because it was visually appealing as it was a big black structure in the middle of the main entrance area. I waited in line to enter the Happy box. Outside a class mate was standing at the entrance getting people excited to for their experience and controlling how many people entered at a time; three people being the limit. I entered the experience by myself. When it was my turn I was guided through an entrance, which was cloaked with black plastic bags. The inside was also black and was shaped like a cylinder. There was nothing for me to look at as the space appeared to look the same from all angles. Once I was settled an audio track started which started a countdown. As the count got closer to one it started to slow down and become a bit distorted. This started to raise feelings of anxiety as I anticipated what was going to happen. At the count of one, eye slots opened around the cylinder and I found myself standing in the dark room with about a dozen or more pair of eyes staring at me. This made me feel uncomfortable because I didn’t know how I should act. After a couple seconds of staring, a drawer popped out from the wall, which had a small cupcake inside. I took the cupcake and then exited the room through another black plastic bag. The overall experience gave me an over all anxious and uncomforting visceral reaction which is what I believe they were trying to create. After exiting, another classmate was waiting on the outside to guide me over to a table where other members of the class were recording reactions from the experience.

Da Not So Bomb.

Feedback: Alice in Wonderland

As I approached this experience I saw a lot of construction paper; cut out shapes of flowers and grass. I was greeted by members of their group welcoming me to Alice in Wonderland. It seemed unorganized because they were not confident in their experience. I was lead to a table, which had some snacks on it and was decorated like the tea table from the movie. Just from seeing the movie I assumed that I would be seated at the table and they were going to attempt to recreate the tea party seen from the film, but unfortunately it was only there for visual appeal. I was told I could play with a croque game they had made with paper or get my picture taken with a cardboard cut out of the queen from the movie. I enjoyed the tactile aspects of the experienced, that they had parts where I could touch and move things. Overall it wasn’t a HORRIBLE experience, but loving Alice in Wonderland a bunch, I found it to be kind of a let down. I failed to find a use of metaphor or any other tactics that were used to create an awe factor.


Princess of the Sky January 21, 2009

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"...crown on her head and her head in the clouds"

"...crown on her head and her head in the clouds"

       My mother told me a story of when I was around 6 years old and would play dress-up by myself. I would put on a gown and tiara, walk around the house and my mother and nanny at the time would call me “princess” and curtsy for me when I would walk by. According to my mother, I would scream “I don’t wanna be a princess!” and I explained to her that she was the Queen and my dad was the King but that I did not want to fulfill my duty of Princess, (apparently I was a creative child). 

      In remembering this story, I recreated it in the form of a play for my grade 9 show when I was in drama at the Etobicoke School of the Arts. During the show, there was a point where I was sitting on stage listening to my fellow actress make her speech and I ended up zoning out and setting into daydream mode. Thankfully, my fellow actress was excellent at improvisation and made a comment that snapped me right back into the show; “And here sits the Princess, crown on her head and her head in the clouds.” 

       My classmates would never let me live that moment down and since then few address me by “the Princess of the Sky”.


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