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Stockings February 12, 2009

Posted by yunyintsai in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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900750561The object that I’ve chosen for now is a stocking. It’s a close-fitting, variously elastic garment covering the foot and lower part of the leg.
The other purposes I came out so fat are:
1.A very fine strainer. If you want only the smoothest and silkiest of results, use this. It has extremely fine mesh and won’t even let grated lemon zest through.
2. To find a tiny thing on the floor or carpet. Cover your vacuum nozzle with a piece of stocking to keep the thing from being drawn in.
3. Stuff the toe of a stocking with some beans and tie a knot. Then you have a self-help massage tool.
4.Cover your boots with stockings could help the boots keep their shape and preventing them from dust.
5. It could also be used as an emergency tourniquet.

Image cited from:www.dkimages.com/…/Plastics/Plastics-30.html


Strainer February 11, 2009

Posted by Ayesha Ijaz in Exercise 2: Feedback Object.
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The Strainer - The orginal form
The Strainer – The orginal form

The object that I’ve chosen for now is this Strainer. It’s two handles provide easy use for it’s purpose. The various holes in the Strainer also give it texture and create an interesting surafce. The three other purposes that I thought of for this object are:

1.  It could be used as a lamp shade, the small holes would be sufficient for emitting the light from the bulb [different colours of bulbs could be used aswell].
2.  The bottom of the Strainer could be used as a stencil.
3.  It could be used as something to make some noise with, example if you strike it with a spoon. I had in mind the idea of an alarm clock, if it’s turned upside down, and there’s such a mechanism underneath it that can move either a spoon or anyother stick of that sort, to and fro, then it would stirke the sides and make…”noise”.
Like some others, these are just some initial ideas that I thought of, not necessarily the final ones.