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Wilderness January 18, 2009

Posted by Ayesha Ijaz in Exercise 1: Avatar, Exercises.
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The Disturbed Lion Safari

Rumble in the Jungle

 This is probably a dream for me… not to eat a giant sandwich 😛 but to be that close to a lion/lioness/cheetah/tiger… the list is long. The dialogs are there as a bit of a comic addition to the picture, the lioness, just like all the others in the cat family, has great attitude, which is probably one of the things that I truely love about them! I’m passionate about cats and the cat family in general to a point where I almost decided to become an animal trainer, or a Zoo Keeper!  But things turned out a bit differently, and now I get to use computer softwares to put myself in such ‘situations’. I had 9 cats about a year ago in Pakistan (where I’m from) , but had to give them away because we were moving to Canada. My usual day included watching Animal Planet for the most part of it, and I still watch it whenever I can!

And not to mention, I also love food. In the avatar, my love for food seems to have overcome my love for big cats, but the sandwich just serves as a funny prop. 😀

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Rumble in the...house!

Rumble in the...house!