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Best and Worst Documented! April 9, 2009

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So I spent about 10 minutes arguing with my mother about which installation was best because she wouldn’t listen to me when I said I had to chose an experience other than the one our team did. In conclusion, and not to be bias, I would say out of every group I saw and installation I experienced, ours definitely had the best response and most interactive and fun experience.

Besides ours, I guess I would have to choose the “Happy Box” in the main lobby, straight ahead when you walk through the entrance of the main building…although I wouldn’t exactly consider it a “happy box” when you first walk in because I felt slightly uncomfortable with so many eyes staring at me. Also, when the automated countdown came on, my initial thought was at the end of the countdown a bunch of arms would launch out at me from under the eyes…and I really did NOT like the thought of that. I don’t think the experience itself was very interactive, but after seeing the cupcakes, it did make me smile (it also made my mom squeal really loud). I did feel however that the survey at the end was too long (there were too many questions) and it took away from the experience. In them doing that, it made it feel like what we had just experienced was merely just a school project that they needed feedback on. (….I think I gave a lot of critical feedback considering I’m saying this was the best :P)

As for the worst…I found the “Predator Vs. Prey” to be quite boring and unenticing. Although it was going on all through the building, I didn’t feel engaged the the game. I felt the buttons were a waste of money and I actually just ended up putting mine down somewhere because I didn’t want to pin it to my clothes. It seemed like anyone who actually was playing got annoyed with having to pin and unpin the ribbons and then repin it onto their clothing. I found many buttons on the ground which just lead me to believe that I was not the only one that found this experience less than uneventful.

I think we did great as a class in putting all of this together and a super special thanks to the set team for their work on the structure building.
I think we definitely had the most successful installation and the feedback I got from audience members (including my mother who I’m sure everyone could hear laughing and screaming everytime something happened) was the same.
Thanks to Greg and Ruth for being so involved as well! (as I’ve heard a few stories of other teachers who decided to leave it all up to the class and not bother with them at all :P)




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